"Working with Niela is the best investment I've made in a long time. In a nurturing,supportive yet no-nonsense way, she cuts through to the core of any issue while consistently working on two levels (micro and macro, short term/big picture, doing process and teaching the process, individual and group, to name just a few) to maximize the experience. She is an inspirational role-model and incredible teacher, producing dramatic results. The personal insight and awareness I've acquired has allowed me to step up to a larger game, attracting more of the clients I want to work with. The professional knowledge I've gained has brought me to a new level of effectiveness that both I and my clients are enjoying."

- Louise Morganti Kaelin, Life Success Coach--

"Niela is fabulous! She is a master at what she does. She possesses a huge variety of creative methods for working with people. Anyone who is a coach, trainer, therapist or facilitator should spend some time learning from her."

- Janet Parker, Coach, Facilitator-Insight Seminars

"Niela is an irrepressible fountain of wisdom; a brilliant, clear wise guide for expanding oneself and one's life practice. She has a gift for viewing people from the inside out. This enables her to draw from her enormous repertoire of methods for working with people in just the perfect way for each individual. "

- Leslie Fabian, LICSW

"I have learned so much from Niela. She is a brilliant facilitator of personal and professional growth processes; an expert in the use of a myriad of emotional intelligence and creativity tools and techniques; a powerful, wise and loving woman--and so much more. Every person and organization can achieve impressive results and receive great gifts through working with Niela Miller."

- Lisa Kleitz, Inner Assets Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Training

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