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We have been offering many creative programs in Second Life and will train you to use the technology of this amazing venue. We also welcome collaborators and participants. We belong to a sim (simulated Landmark) which is devoted to the arts, therapy and spirituality and has a number of <residents> who create an array of different workshops and events. To find out when programs are taking place, please contact me in Second Life.

Here is a sampling of the types of programs I do at my Octagon for Creative Exploration (under the Avatar name: Marly Milena):

VISIONS OF SELF - Digital photos played with in paint program and brought into SL and put on a slide screen. You create a self-portrait on your computer from a black and white photo and paint program that represents an important aspect of the self. You upload the portrait to SL where Marly puts it on her virtual slide screen. When we gather (in Marly's Octagon studio in virtual space), we select each portrait in turn and talk about each other's images as though they were our own dreams. Then the artist shares the motivation and process for creating the image.

ArtyMarly's Digital Art album on Photobucket

CREATIVE PLAY- These workshops enable participants to explore feeling states, current challenges and values using the building technology possible in Second Life to make symbolic representations. Gestalt and Jungian models are used to encourage insight, new perspectives and greater awareness.

COMPOSER/MUSICIANS and ARTISTS - Marly forms collaborations with musicians and artist builders to improvise to each other's creations. She involves the audience in sharing their feelings and impressions in a chat bar.



These videos of my virtual reality projects (called machinima) describe and demonstrate how I use digital art modalities combining psychology, education and creative expression with group interaction.

Non-profit Commons (NPC) in Second Life presents Symbolic Modeling with Marly Milena These two YouTube videos illustrate ways of using virtual technology to explore a complex issue, in this case, CLIMATE CHANGE. Part I is the workshop and Part II is the discussion. The maps in the Second Life Skybox are provided by Robert Horn of Stanford University, one of the keynote guests. If you have questions or comments, please email me.

CLIMATE CHANGE: An experimental workshop

Part I Part II

Creative Learning Processes in Second Life

Octagon Programs and Demonstration

Lifelong Learning as a Creative Process in Second Life

Introduction to Gestalt

Presentation at THE ART OF VIRTUAL REALITY conference at U. of Lowell and in Second Life 5/11/13

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