Seasonal Suite

Piano Moods

My piano teacher, Eric Kamen, graciously offered to record this first CD of my original piano pieces. A few are arrangements of American Songbag tunes and the rest are an assortment of styles starting with one piece (Child's Play) that I composed many years ago in college and recently retrieved from my memory, and reworked, since the original music burned in a college dorm fire.

Watch Eric Kamen perform a few pieces from Piano Moods album and talk about Niela's music on YouTube!

Songs of Leaving: LP / MP3

This was a surprise occurrence in my late life--the finding of me from an old album recorded by Dave Van Ronk, a professional NYC folksinger who had covered one of my songs. When this producer discovered that I had a previously unreleased album from the 60's he decided to produce it.; The Numero Group works counter-intuitively, produces little known singers and bands from that era---and has quite a following!

For those of you who have been rock fans, you might be interested that one of the songs is the predecessor of the rock classic, HEY JOE, which Jimi Hendricks made famous.

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