Something For You

Look on this page for exercises to stimulate new ways of thinking, perceiving, observing or behaving. We change them periodically.

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QUESTIONS FOR EDUCATORS (applicable to counselors, consultants)

Is the exchange between you and your student (client) fostering mutual respect?

Do options and possibilities for learning open up or shut down?

Do you know and understand this student better than you did before the class or interaction?

Do you regard yourselves as allies in a common mission? Or are you the commandant with an unwilling prisoner who must obey orders?

Can you get support from your peers and colleagues when you feel stuck?

Can you follow the student's process well enough to know how s/he will best learn? or do you have a one-size fits all approach?

Are you taking care of the tension in your body by staying aware of muscle tightness and remembering to breathe? In general, how would you rate yourself on self-care?

Are you picking up on metaphors, figures of speech, intonations, shifts in body position, eye movements, distractions, your shifting feelings as valuable information for enriching the learning process?

When you get confused, what is going on?

What intuitive hunches do you have? How do you incorporate them? If you don't, why not?

What is the quality of the contact between you and the student?

How do you demonstrate your support and encouragement for the student?s learning process?

Where is your focus? When you become unfocussed, what's happening?

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