Being Alive!

Creative and Emotional Intelligence Tools for People Professionals

Do you want to have more impact in less time with your clients? Would you like to learn how to use expressive media to enhance your creativity and aliveness in your work? Do you want practical and creative ways to integrate body, mind and spirit?

The methods described in this manual are unique and profound with a light touch. Learn to communicate, think and express yourself with metaphor to gain new insight, problem solve in new ways, shed inhibitions about being expressive, become skilled at designing learning experiences for yourself and your clients, and help others discover more of themselves while you do the same.

Our tools are drawings, collage, movement, sound, improvisations, writing, storytelling and tools from Gestalt and Jungian processes.

Our theory and values are wholistic-humanistic and based on the notion of multiple intelligences, innate creativity and experiential learning.


* be more alive with those with whom you work and live and have more ways of expressing and presenting yourself

* increase your ability to use symbolic tools such as drawings, movement, sound, theatre games, and dreams in order to get fresh perspectives and useful information

* have much sharper observation skills using all your senses and body signals for more comprehensive feedback of value to you and your client

* develop your intuition and help your clients to develop theirs as an effective tool for coming up with ideas and solutions which would never have occurred to you using logical analytic approaches alone

* know how to fit all these new tools to each client situation, real or potential

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"Being Alive! is an extraordinary creation. This is the most comprehensive book [62 pg manual] of its type that I've seen. It is unique in that it is directed to action. This is a map from a very wise guide who has been over the territory many times. Congratulations!"

Meredith Dallas,Professor Emeritus
Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio

"Niela Miller has a gift for viewing people from the inside out. This enables her to draw from her enormous repertoire of methods for working with people in just the perfect way for each individual."

Leslie Fabian, MSW Psychotherapist

"Having a repertoire of these creative, artistic tools has significantly helped my practice as an executive coach and leadership consultant."

Gabriele Ganswindt, President
Shared Learning International

"I can more fully accept my own creativity, which I have always minimized."

Gerry Brophy, Social Worker, Therapist

"Niela helps the experienced professional helper go deeper within, using expressive techniques which are playful, fun and meaningful in fostering growth and insight."

Jay Vogt, President
Peopleworks, Inc.

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