Hope you enjoy reliving the party! You can allow the pictures to play automatically in a slideshow, or click through them yourself. Below the slideshow there is an optional music player to accompany the pictures. If you are interested in downloading the pictures, you can find them all available here. Simply click the image you want and click the download arrow at the top of the page.


Here's a playlist of videos from the party. For people who are less experienced with YouTube, here are some instructions to make viewing easier for you: You can click the "Playlist" button at the top to select a certain video. In the bottom right corner of the player, there's a button for full screen. If you move the mouse over the video, the title will appear in the top left hand corner of the player. The videos are in order except for the first one which gives a context for all that follows. If you have time to only watch one, please watch the first one, "Docent Caroline Speaks and Niela Q/A".

Disclaimer: These videos were made by friends on iPhones and iPads. Please excuse the imperfections!

A closer look at the exhibits...

You can click on the image below to see an enlarged version.



-Exhibit and background music: Niela.

-Photography: Liz West, Videos: Fred Holmes

-Docent: Caroline Marvin

-Main helpers: Debbie Eston & Karen Tucker

-Computer and display assistance: Mary Helen Griesenbeck

-Musicians : Carl Wrubel (piano), Eric Semple (guitar) Jim Barisano (sound system and bass). Monica Pilman, Thom Bentley, Niela Miller (singers)

-Flowers : Karen Tucker, John Adams, Lola Peters

-Main food table: Andrea Adams assisted by Natalie Adams (Persian Beef Buryani), Monica Pilman (Chicken Marbella) Karen Tucker (salads)

Thank you, everyone!

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